House Rules

As the name of the page suggests these are the rules of the house.

This is a different kind of Pathfinder game, and as such has a plethora of new content and rules.House ruling is not something I like to do but this particular game requires a certain level of GM adjudication that most games don’t.

First of the house rules is the New Races to choose from. All of these races have detailed histories and balanced stats, using the Advanced Race Guide’s race creation rules.

The Second of the new house rules is star ships. This is where a good majority of my pre-game prep went, and while I think most of it is good and balanced, if not outrageously expensive, there may be hiccups that will be ironed out as game play advances.

The Third House rule I will be implementing is no EXP. I will be leveling you as I deem necessary.

And the Fourth House rule is that there will be no need for the Technologist feat since you come from a highly advanced society with free or easy access to avenues of higher learning. This branches into the next three house rules.

The Fifth House rule is that all non-heavy technological fire arms and mundane firearms are no longer exotic weapons but martial ones. Which means if the weapon requires Proficiency firearms it is considered a martial weapon if it requires a Exotic Weapon proficiency Heavy Weaponry it is still considered an exotic weapon. So Even though I am granting you Firearms as Martial Weapons, anytime you take a feat that modifies a single type of weapon (such as Weapon Focus or Rapid Reload), you must still pick one specific type of firearm for that feat to affect.

This will be a High technology game and as such the Guns Everywhere rule will be in effect for Gunslingers which states that Guns are commonplace. Early firearms are seen as antiques, and advanced firearms are widespread. Firearms are simple weapons, and early firearms, advanced guns, and their ammunition are bought or crafted for 10% of the cost. The Gunslinger loses the gunsmith class feature and instead gains the gun training class feature at 1st level.

The Sixth House Rule is that because this is a higher level of civilization and education is so easily obtained all classes gain the following knowledge skills as class skills: Engineering, Geography, History, and Local.

And the Seventh House Rule is that all items cost 10% of their listed price with the exception of star ships and pharmaceuticals. Also master-working items and armor has not changed.

For the Eighth and final House Rule; I am implementing that if you are playing a class that gets changed in Pathfinder Unchained, that when that book comes out your character will retroactively upgrade to the new version.

Now some general Guide Lines, that while not rules are something to keep in mind when creating your character.

  • Researched Magic is rare – this means that any prepared casters are going to be ostracized by the galaxy as a whole for being backwards and ignorant. Because while magic is in fact powerful, science is almost as powerful in many instances and is not reserved for a select few. With the advent of public schooling on many worlds and across the galaxy the average intelligence level of civilizations grew and higher learning was no longer reserved for the select few who dabbled in magic. This is not to say that magic is rare or that prepared casting is not allowed it simply brings with it a requirement in your back story as to how you became a magical student rather than just a person born with magic.
  • Build your character first then his stats please. I want people not murder hobos. While you will be able to fight things I don’t want the focus of the game to be getting to the next combat. I want it to be the story.

Things of Interest

I will be allowing the use of the book Ultimate Psionics from Dreamscarred Press. This will be using psionic magic transparency, meaning that for all intents and purposes psychic abilities function like spells.

House Rules

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