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General Star Ship Rules:

  • All Star Ships of Frigate Size or larger have galleys that can cook enough food for the entire crew. These spaces are cramped and utilitarian.
  • All ships are assumed to have enough space to house a full crew with moderate comfort most often with two or three crewmen to a single room sharing bunks.
  • To use a Star Ship’s computer systems requires that the user have at least one rank in Knowledge (Engineering) and be able to make a DC 10 check, which in most cases the character is assumed to be taking 10. If the user does not have at least 1 rank in Knowledge (Engineering) he takes a -10 to all checks he performs.
  • When Rolling a Maneuver check for initiative in combat, the captain rolls.
  • When Rolling a Maneuver check for any other reason than initiative in combat the Helmsmen rolls.
  • When Making a Stealth check using a cloak the Engineer rolls.
  • When Calculating FTL courses the Navigator rolls.
  • When using Sensors the Ship’s Science Officer rolls.
  • When Firing weapons the Ships Security Officer rolls.
  • When in combat both the ship and all it’s crew have a standard and move action. The ship’s crew go in order of rank for their initiative.
  • When attempting a Craft (Technological Item) to repair a disabled system any crewman may attempt the roll, and any number may aid.
  • Upon becoming a ship’s captain that character gains a Command Feat and a Command Tactic. Also every four levels after that he gains either another Command Feat or Command Tactic.

Star Ship Home Page

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