Casper Windsted

Helmsman of the Kraken.


Name: Windsted, Casper
AGE: 25
D.O.B.: 9990 AA.
P.O.B.: Gresta Colony, Sector M-5
RACE: Halfling

APPERANCE: Casper Windsted stands 2’8" with short naturally white spiky hair and green eyes. He is usually found wearing simple jeans or khaki pants and a t-shirt with his favorite thing of the moment’s logo on it. He has several ring piercings in both of his ears.


Casper Windsted is the middle child of three, with one older brother Damian, and one younger sister Kylee. Casper was never quite what his father wanted; a well respected business man with a sizable fast food chain along the boarder of Golari and Kintari space, he always saw his children taking over one day. However Casper had other plans, he was going to be a musician, then an actor, or a mercenary, or a hover car racer. In the end however Casper never followed through with any of those things and instead followed his one natural gift, piloting.

Casper served as a second helmsmen aboard the luxury liner Crystal Skies for the Journey company for three years; until he was finally fired, One of his infamous pranks went too far injuring one of the ship’s maids resulting in a broken arm. After that Casper had his license revoked and his life spiraled out of control. He drained his father’s savings on drugs and alcohol, ruining their family’s reputation, as he was constantly in and out of jail one charge or another.

Finally, two years ago he checked himself into rehab and managed to get sober and stay that way. Then one year ago his sister, Kylee, convinced her friend Captain Rachael Nova to sponsor his attempt to renew his piloting license, and give him a job. Captain Nova agreed and Casper has been a solid addition to the crew since, though his squabbles with his sister, and their pranks are sometimes more than she can bare to stand.

Casper Windsted

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