Dafaruk Krunn

Engineer of the Krakken.


Name: Krunn, Dafaruk
AGE: 64
D.O.B.: 9951
P.O.B.: Kylanter, Sector O-6
RACE: Dwarf

APPERANCE: Dafaruk Krunn is a dwarven male who stands 3’9" tall with a shaved head and a long unruly red beard. The right side of his face has evidence of long healed burns, and his right arm and eye have been replaced with cybernetic implants.

Dafaruk is a rough and tumble sort, never bothering to put on a pair of clothes that do not have some sort of machine fluid stain on them, either that or he does not own any. usually he can be seen wearing his trademark tan and oil stained overalls and blue stained work shirt. He has all manner of tools hanging off of him in every pocket as well as a tool belt with a tool bag on each hip.


Dafaruk Krunn, was born on Kylanter’s sixth ring and raised as the oldest of three. He never bothered with education always too busy working on his parent’s hover car, then later his own. When it came time to find a career he decided that mechanic was the way to go. However after several years of working as a hover car mechanic he soon grew bored with it. He studied hard, and was accepted into the Michael Redding school of engineering. Though Schooling was never his strong suit, machines were; he just knew how they worked and now with an academic background he was able to understand even the biggest and most advanced of star ships.

After graduating he soon got a career as a ship builder, he excelled at his job soon becoming foreman of the whole shipyard. Then one day pirates attacked and looted a casino ship near his shipyard, the resulting police chase and shootout managed to strike his shipyard causing devastating damage to the entire area. Dafaruk refused to leave and of his people trapped in the wreckage, and while helping a fellow construction worker flee from a blocked corridor, one of the shipyard’s main helium tanks exploded catching both Dafaruk and his co-worker in the blast.

When he came to, he was in the hospital, the doctors informing him he had lost both is arm and eye in the explosion. While the insurance company paid for a cybernetic eye and arm to replace his lost ones, they only partially paid for the cosmetic surgery. As a result, the scars were only reduced not eliminated.

Soon after the attack the shipyard was closed down, and all the workers were let go. Dafaruk, became unable to find a job and began drowning in debt, until he went bankrupt and lost everything. Then one year ago homeless and unable to find a job he set up a noose attaching it to a street light in a dark alleyway he had come to call home. Until a Half-Breed Rin named Rayne Mc’Kinters stumbled out of a bar into the alley drunk. she questioned him and then began insulting him for his cowardice. Angered he threw a punch at her, which landed square in her face. She was too drunk to get out of the way in time, but after the blow she sobered up enough to pull herself back from an assault charge. Dafaruk was angry and in a dark place, he began shouting at her his story and why he needed to end it. It was then that Rayne punched him, knocking him out.

For the second time in his life he awoke to strangers huddled over him in a hospital like setting. Among them the Rin Half-breed that had slugged him. Though it was not her that spoke to him first it was another woman, a human named Rachael who offered him a place on her ship as it’s engineer. Shocked and honored he accepted and from that point to this one, his life has been on an upswing and he knows he owes it all to the crew of the Kraken, especially Rayne.

Dafaruk Krunn

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