Dr. Ruthun Tur

Kraken Ship's Doctor.


Name: Tur, Ruthun
AGE: 88
D.O.B.: 9927
P.O.B.: Kylanter, Sector O-6
RACE: Half-Orc

APPERANCE: Ruthan Tur is an elderly Half-Orc male who stands 5’9" tall with gray perfectly trimmed hair, green eyes, and perfectly trimmed and manicured salt and pepper goatee. He wears glasses both for seeing and for reading, and is always impeccably dressed in suits and ties, unless he is in his scrubs on business saving a life.

and while not necessary for his mobility He walks about with a cane made from the wood of the Immimite tree found only on the world of Kylanter. Ruthan is a man of both refined and exquisite taste always wearing the most expensive of colognes and after shaves.


Ruthan Tur is a very kind and gregarious man, and as intelligent as they come. He was born on the Golari home world of Kylanter. He was raised in a modest income family with strict rules when he was old enough to hold a job he was forced into finding one to help pay the families’ bills. Never one to complain or say no he did so and when the time came for collage there was never any doubt he was going. He had largely lost out on his education because of the need to work, but he studied hard while holding down two jobs and eventually was accepted into the Gold Leaf school of medicine. There he worked and studied, worked and studied, almost becoming a book with legs by the end of it. But he did graduate and at the top of his class, Summa Cum Laude, and Valedictorian.

After he graduated from college with a bachelors his life became much easier, he got a job at the Dawn Flower Hospital, where he worked as a nurse while he studied for his medical degree. Upon the completion of his degree he was now an M.D. and rather than join a prestigious hospital and barely see patients he opted for Galactic Council Medical, a GC program dedicated to offering advanced medical treatment and training to underdeveloped and war ravaged worlds. During this time he met his wife Fretta another doctor in the GCM. Together they had three children and alternated time away and at home to provide a stable environment for their children.

He worked for the GCM for many years, living adventures he could only have dreamed about as a child, Until it came time to retire. Satisfied at last with his contribution to the universe at large he opted to settle down and live out the remainder of his years in peace. Though much to his dismay, and his wife’s he found retirement boring. Deciding that it was time for a change of pace Ruthun began taking jobs as a medical officer aboard ships. Then last year he joined the crew of the Kraken has deeply enjoyed his time with the crew. Though time is catch up with him and he feels that while his heart desires to go on helping his body may not be up to the task much longer. He has informed the captain of he will however find her a suitable replacement before he leaves and break them in for her.

Dr. Ruthun Tur

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