Kylee Windsted

Navigator on the Kraken.


Name: Windsted, Kylee
AGE: 23
D.O.B.: 9992
P.O.B.: Gresta Colony, Sector M-5
RACE: Halfling
GENDER: Female

APPERANCE: Kylee stands 2’6" tall with long white hair that she usually keeps up in a pony tail. She has green eyes and wears thin framed glasses.

She can usually be seen wearing her trademark white lab coat with some form of business casual beneath.


Kylee Windsted was an intellectual prodigy as a child, and like her brother chaffed at the thought of running a fast food empire. Instead she delved headlong into books and science, knowing from the very beginning that she wanted to be a famous scientist. However intelligent she may be, breakthroughs in science don’t just happen every day, and toiling in research labs for others that she was clearly smarter than began to take its toll on her sanity.

At the age of 22 Kylee had had enough and she quit. She decided to pursue her passion of science at her own pace and away from those who would use her genius for their own gains. Needing a job and being qualified and trained in stellar cartography she began to look for an easy job that would allow her enough money to live on while providing enough down time to pursue her passions. Her search was over quick when she found an ad for a ship’s navigator and pilot on the galactic net. She applied and was hired quickly.

After two jobs under Captain Rachael Nova she recommended her brother for the open helmsman job, and after some convincing and begging, the captain agreed and hired her brother as the helmsmen of the Kraken.

Kylee Windsted

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