Rachael Nova

Captain of the Kraken.


Name: Nova, Rachael
AGE: 29
D.O.B.: 9986
P.O.B.: Vetnus 7, Sector O-6
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
SERVICE RECORD: Golari Military 10004-10008, Galactic Council Armed Forces – Spec Ops 10008-10013

APPERANCE: Rachael Nova stands 5’ 8" tall with very short brown hair and hazel colored eyes. She is always impeccably dressed and presents herself as a no nonsense hard worker, she is never seen slouching and when standing usually finds herself at attention mostly out of habit with her hands behind her back.

Though no longer in the military she still dresses in fine button up shirts and dress pants while aboard ship, and when going into the field she tends to dress down slightly but not much, swapping out dress shoes and pants for more practical cargo pants and boots depending on the situation; she will often times wear her brown leather Galactic Council Armed Forces jacket when doing so.


Rachael Nova grew up on Vetnus 7, a large industrial planet whose atmosphere is choked with pollution and its people toil away almost mindlessly in ancient Aboleth built factories producing everything from top of the line computers to nuts and bolts.

Orphaned on this hell hole as a young teen when her parents were killed in an accident at one of the planet’s factories Rachael took to the streets, she learned how to survive and how to avoid the pitfalls such as drugs and prostitution along the way. When she turned 18 she marched into the Military recruiting station and never looked back.

After four years in the Golari military and several commendations of valor later her tour of duty was up. And with nothing to return to she opted to reenlist, Before she could she was approached by a Maja’Tak Commander in the Galactic Council Armed Forces. He saw in her a rare dedication to military life and a strong sense of honor and discipline, the kind that the GCAF needed. The commander offered her the opportunity to train with and prove herself to the GCAF Special Forces division, and not long after she had not only trained with but joined the Special Forces.

Her time with the GCAF Spec Ops. Is largely classified, and she herself never speaks about it except in very brief and often vague or general ways. However it was during this time she met one of the few true friends she has Rayne Mc’Kinters. Rayne is one of the few people who can break through her no nonsense exterior and get her to laugh and relax from time to time. So when she bought the Kraken the first person she turned to was Rayne who worked for a private security company, after some negotiations she was able to get her friend Rayne assigned to the Kraken.

Rachael Nova

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