Rayne Mc'Kinters

Security Officer on board the Kraken.


Name: Mc’Kinters, Rayne
AGE: 29
D.O.B.: 9986
P.O.B.: Festur, Sector M-3
RACE: Rin Half-Breed
GENDER: Female
SERVICE RECORD: Golari Military, Space Marines 10004-10013.

APPERANCE: Rayne Mc’Kinters stands 5’9" tall with short black hair that she wears in feminine yet boyish style most of the time, with blue eyes. Like most Rin her ears sit atop her head and are covered in fine black fur. Her Rin heritage shows through more than in most Half-Breeds as she has elongated canines and claw like fingernails, her forearms are covered in black fur, and jutting from the base of her spine is a long black furred tail.

Rayne never dresses up, opting for tank tops, cargo pants, and boots most of the time. She is quite fond of showing off her fit muscled body and tattoos by wearing sleeveless shirts or tank tops, She tends to prefer cargo pants in her line of work, opting for more carrying capacity for batteries for her weapons, rather than as some fashion statement. She never takes her old Golari Marine dog-tags off; and beating senseless anyone who makes quips about a Rin wearing them.

At the base of her neck is a Data Access Port and on her right cheek below the eye, right hand, and back of her neck is an identical tattoo of a bar code, souvenirs of her time in prison. Emblazoned on her right upper arm near the shoulder is a Golari Marine tattoo of the Heavens Devil’s, her old marine squad she led. On her left upper arm near the shoulder is a succubus tempting a devil and across her collar bone two laser pistols who’s barrels are facing each other.


Rayne Mc’Kinters grew up on Festur. A space station in Syndicate Space, where all manner of Galactic filth resides, including her father, a Human mobster named Brian Mc’Kinters. He was a low level mob boss and enforcer before that; but he had power none the less.

Rayne was born to a Rin Half-Breed slave, who’s name she never knew, in a litter of two. She and her brother were both orphaned and left to fend for themselves, their father seemingly uninterested in their existence.

The church of The Dawn Flower, took them in and raised them as best they could, however after twelve years on the streets Rayne and her brother Thandur became experts at low level thievery and eventually decided they had had enough of nuns and holier than thow attitudes, and set out on their own.

Then when she was sixteen her brother began pimping Rayne out on the station, and together they earned a decent living, for a while. Until one evening when she was seventeen, she was forced to kill her Jon in self defense. The two were arrested, tried, and sentenced to twenty-five years hard labor on the prison planet of Gallomere.

Festur was bad to Rayne, but prison was worse. Separated from her brother and for the first time in her life completely isolated and alone surrounded by hardened criminals, Rayne adopted a new outlook on life, never count on anyone but yourself and never be weak. This philosophy worked to a degree for her, but she never quite lost that touch of honesty and empathy she had been instilled with at the Church of the Dawn Flower. She joined one gang after another, wholly loyal to them until inevitably each betrayed her in one manner or another.

Then when she turned eighteen the Golari Marines came recruiting. She evidently passed her psychological exam and was offered five years in the marines to be considered time served on her sentence. She jumped at the offer and while Festur and Prison were an eighteen year long hell for her, the Marines were her heaven. Her ruthless nature and loyal compassionate one were both encouraged there, allowing her to flourish.

She opted to reenlist after her five year tour was up, serving in total nine years, until her continued refusals of promotion wound up getting her an Honorable Discharge without the possibility of reenlistment. Now with her chosen field of work gone forever she fell into private security work; and eventually her old friend from her days in the Corps. Came knocking, so to speak, and offered her the chance to work with her. Together she and Rayne convinced her boss to accept a contract from her friend and allow her to be the assigned asset. Rayne is now head of security aboard the Kraken.

Rayne Mc'Kinters

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