Desnali Home Worlds

Sector: F-14

Star: Hapesune

World: Papilion

Capital: N/A

Population: 20 billion

Description: Papilion was once a normal world, however now it is a gateway to madness, the planet it’s self suffering from the effects of exposure to the Dark Tapestry and R’lyeh. In a constant state of flux, the planet seems to be suffering from the madness it’s self, volcanoes erupt every moment of every day with earthquakes and rapid continental drift changing the surface of the world almost daily.

Surrounding the planet is a force field being generated by three ring platforms that encircle the world, while orbiting these rings is a constantly resupplied and ever growing fleet of
Desnali ships.

Sector: I-13

Star: Orina Major and Orina Minor

World: Cynosure

Capital: Cynosius

Population: 50 billion

Description: Cynosure is comprised of 60% water with 1% un inhabitable land in the form of Mountains, Deserts, and Volcanic lava flows. The rest of Cynosure is a veritable paradise, with rolling hills and wide plains and valleys, on which the Desnali have cultivated a peaceful farming world.

Cynosure is also home to the galaxy’s largest telescope and astrnomical university. The telescope itself consists of several space based platforms spanning Cynosure’s entire solar system that all focus on a single point to create the largest and most detailed pictures of the universe that anyone can see.

Sector: K-14

Star: Quintius

World: Astra

Capital:Bazaar City

Population: 150 billion

Description: The planet it’s self is a lush and tropical one consisting 88% water with 5 % of the land being uninhabitable desert and volcanic islands. The rest of the planet is a series of large islands with numerous cities and space ports, with a thriving galactic bazaar on the largest island on the planet.

Orbiting the planet are five orbital ring platforms that function as housing, shopping, and docking space for those who live on the planet and those who are just visiting.

Sector: L-11

Star: Desna

World: Desnal

Capital:Desna City

Population: Perminant Population: 100,000

Description: Desnal has no large bodies of water and before tera-forming was lifeless and desert like. Today the dusty planet is a Mecca for billions who come to the world traveling it’s ancient roads while praying and visiting its magnificent mountain like temples dedicated to the goddess Desna.

Desnali Home Worlds

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