The following information are changes and updates to the skills to help your skill list come in line with a science fiction set in space.

Synergy Bonuses do not stack, the highest one you can achieve is the one you use. So if Profession Star Ship Crewman gives you a +2 synergy bonus and Knowledge (Engineering) gives you a +6 bonus you take the +6 bonus instead of the +2.

1.) Knowledge (Engineering). This is now a class skill for all classes; and is used for almost all star ship functions, without it you will be taking a -10 on all checks you are attempting with that station, as Star Ships assume you are taking ten at all times to meet their DC of 10 while in use. Every 5 by which you beat the DC of 10 provides a +1 synergy bonus to the star ship check in question. You need at least 1 rank in this skill to avoid the -10 penalty

2.) Ship’s Navigators not only need Knowledge (Engineering) Which they need in order to use the astrometrics station to plot Star Ship FTL courses. But they also need Knowledge (Geography) to attempt the calculation, The DC to plot a coarse is 10 and for every 5 they beat the DC by they shave 1 unit of time off their travel time minimum of 1, these units are either hours or days depending on the type of travel.

3.) Fly has been changed to replace Handle Animal. While some people in the galaxy still travel by pack mule, most use Hover Vehicles or Flying ones. And as such the Fly Skill has grown in popularity. When Attempting Maneuver checks in a star ship the pilot may if they choose attempt to beat a DC 10 Fly check and for every five by which they beat the DC, they may add a +2 Synergy Bonus to their role. This does not replace the need for 1 rank in Knowledge (Engineering).

4.) Profession Star Ship Crewman. This can be used by NPCs, Followers, and Cohorts as a means by which to make money in their down time, however for PCs it is a nice catch all, especially nice for classes with limited skills such as fighters. They may put ranks into this skill symbolizing their familiarity with ship protocols and regulations. And for every five ranks in the skill, they may apply a +2 bonus to any star ship role they may make. Not as useful as the other skills but when your hurting for skill points and bonuses it can help out.


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