Favored Class: Any



Speed: 30

+2 CON
+2 CHA

Languages: Common, Voja, + Any

Multi-talented: Members of this race gain a +1 racial trait to any two skills of their choice at character creation.

Highly Skilled: Members of this race gain the Skill Focus feat at first level.

Act First: Members of this race gain the Improved Initiative feat at first level.

Low-light Vision

Alt Traits

Object of Desire: – Replace Skill Focus. Members of this race gain a +1 racial bonus to caster level when casting the spells Charm Person and Charm Monster.

Life Bound: – Replace Improved Initiative. Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on saves made to resist death effects, negative energy effects, fortitude saves to remove negative levels, and to Constitution checks made to stabilize.

Nation: N/A

Home World: Vojana

Home Star: Vestina

Lifespan: The Voja can theoretically live forever, as long as they are passionately pursuing their desires, if they ever become bored with life or if it seems to become routine, they become sickened and if they do not find another life goal to become passionate about, they perish soon after.

Voja Male Names: Alaran, Delin, Fenoo, Geleni, Hoduan, Lega, Olus, Pinstel, Steken

Voja Female Names: Burani, Dura, Gelena, Justika, Lopra, Mala, Nethtu, Opah, Uxano

Physical Appearance: The Voja like many other fey have a humanoid shape. On average they stand about 5’ 5" tall with smooth blue, yellow, or red skin, though some have even been known to have black skin.

They have human like faces with two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth. Their eyes are black with a pin-point like iris, whose color varies from Voja to Voja with no color being off-limits.

What some would consider hair from a distance is actually long dreadlock like tendrils of flesh that begin to grow out of the Voja’s head, sharing the same color as their skin, at around the age of nine and continue to grow until they reach roughly shoulder length.

History and Culture

The Voja are one of the youngest races in the Galaxy, coming over from the first world with the gnomes a mere 513 years ago. They like their gnomish cousins found life on the material plane harsh and unforgiving. But over time their insatiable lust for adventure and passion for life allowed them to overcome all of the obstacles in their way.

After twenty years on the new world they called Vojana, or The Passion. The Voja began traveling to other worlds via magical portals, soon attracting the attention of the Galactic Council. Unsure of what to make of the new race and their cousins the gnomes the Council decided that the best thing to do would be to send representatives to Vojana and teach the new races about not only the Fandal Galaxy but about the Material Plane as a whole.

The Voja adapted quickly and soon entire regions of space surrounding their home-world began to fill up with Voja settlements and colonies. This age of rapid expansion brought about what the Voja call the Second Awakening, a time when their rapid expansion led to armed conflict with the Kintari. The Kintari claim that the war was started due to their concern about the rapid pace at which the Voja were colonizing the space around their home world and feared that if unchecked the Voja would soon begin claiming their territory. Though most people in the galaxy think it was just another attempt by the Kintari Empire to claim territory; whatever the reason for the war it had a lasting impression on the Voja, who realized that they as a whole would have to come together to protect what was theirs and that not everyone in this wide universe was willing to be their friends.

Though the Voja have been in at least one major skirmish with their galactic neighbors; the Voja have never known war on a galactic scale like the other members of the Fandal Galaxy have, and as such think that the ancient racial prejudices that the other races cling too are overly exaggerated.

The Voja have no central governing body, they are in essence a nation without leadership. Their communities and worlds all have differing levels of management up to and including governors of worlds, but as a whole each Voja world is as varied as the individuals who live upon it. The only true leadership the Voja can seem to agree upon is their almost religious devotion to all forms of media. Its commonly joked that Voja children are raised by the Holo-Net, and it would be laughable were it not partially true. Voja children spend more time on the Holo-Net watching movies and shows or playing video games than the children of any other sentient race. Most would see this as poor parenting, but to the Voja passion is life and if a child is enthralled with a particular game or show it is teaching them about themselves and what drives them.

This passion mean the Voja choose many walks of life for themselves, but most often they seem to fall into entertainment; staring in it, producing it, writing it, or even criticizing it, the Voja just cannot get enough entertainment. While most see the Voja as stereotyped into being actors or musicians, they can and do in fact pursue many other careers including the military, mercantilism, and even politics, no matter the pursuit you can bet that if a Voja is pursing it they are doing so with everything they have.


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